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Comfortable Slings & Braces with Medical Center Pharmacy!

Have you recently injured a part of your body that you use every day? Whether it's a minor or severe injury, Medical Center Pharmacy has the solutions to help with pain and limit use without affecting your every day living! A sling or brace can be used to relieve weight and mobility to ensure proper healing can take place. We offer many medical slings and medical braces to ensure our customers can heal quickly and correctly. While the best case would be to rest the injured area consistently, many of us have to keep going. Take a look at our online store for high-quality braces and slings of all sorts!

Ankle Braces

Ankle BraceRolling or spraining an ankle can be one of the biggest hassles to deal with, especially if you're constantly on the go. if your ankle is showing any signs of soreness or severe pain, it may be wise to seek medical attention to ensure the injury isn't severe. If elevation, icing, and resting isn't enough to make your ankle injury heal faster, then an ankle brace can help assist in the recovery process! An ankle brace is a fitted garment worn around the ankle to protect it from reoccurring injury or immobilization while in the healing process. Ankle braces immobilize the joint while providing heat and compression to the bones to ensure recovery occurs correctly. With an array of brands and sizes to choose from, shop our online inventory of ankle braces today!

Knee Braces

Similar to ankle braces, knee braces are supports worn over your knee to either help painful
or injured knees Knee Braceo or injured knees or recover quickly or to prevent knee injury from occurring. Many people use knee braces to help support the knee during athletic actions to keep their knees from becoming injured. Wearing a knee brace during the recovery process of an injured knee allows the joint to have less mobility and compression to keep the bone warm and secure. Knee braces are perfect for those who may have injured their knees from twisting movements, bending movements, or from hard impact. Knee braces come in many sizes, colors, and designs and are generally made of metal, foam, plastic, elastic material, and straps. With many knee braces to choose from, take a look at our online inventory of knee braces!

Wrist Braces

Wrist BraceYour hands are critical to every day living. Injuring a wrist is one of the most unfortunate injuries to have because of this. However, wrist braces were designed to allow the user to continue to use their hands, but with limited mobility. A wrist brace is a garment worn around the wrist to protect it during extensive use as well as helping the healing process. Wrist braces are often used in injury rehabilitation processes affecting the wrist to prevent re-injury. Similar to ankle and knee braces, wrist braces provide compression and heat to the bones and ligaments while immobilizing the joint for proper recovery. Begin shopping our wrist braces today!

Medical Slings

Medical Slings are used to help support a body part. Reducing weight on an injured body Medical Sling
part promotes the recovery process while preventing further injury. While many make their own medical slings out of cloth or other clothing, it's critical for the recovery process that a medical sling specific for that body part is used. We have an array of medical slings within our online inventory. Take a look at our medical slings!

Your North Billerica Source for Quality Medical Slings & Braces

Medical Center Pharmacy is your local provider for medical slings and medical braces. Offering an affordable alternative to the big box stores, our inventory features only quality products, to ensure our customers get the attention they need. Take a look at our online store! If you have any questions concerning our medical slings & medical braces, please feel free to call us at (978) 663-6583 or stop in to our store today! There's a dedicated associate always ready to help! Dedicated to providing Burlington MA, Chelmsford, Tewksbury, Wakefield, Westford, Lawrence, Wilmington, Woburn, and Lowell with injury solutions, we look forward to serving you.

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